What do you think the Flight in World of Warcraft

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What do you think the Flight in World of Warcraft

Messagepar Jannickz » 19 févr. 2021, 09:41

It's time to talk about the ducklings in the room.
If you were paying attention this morning (and haven't read it since BlizzConline), you may have heard that there will be flights to Shadowlands in patch 9.1. Yes, well, almost three months after their release, the Azerites will finally be able to escape to the world of the dead. Hurrah!

Now, let's talk about why it's not exciting.

World of Warcraft: A Brief History
Remember when the only needs between you and the outdoors were grading requirements and a series of sunken gold? Unless you're a Druid (in most cases after Classic), getting into the sky costs money. Whether you need training, mounts, licenses or a recurring mix of all three, as long as you have the parts, the trainer will have the goods.

Then Draenor Pathfinder changes it all.

Draenor had a lot of problems, which meant that if there were any restrictions, the flight restrictions were almost entirely lost. Blizzard implemented a series of accomplishments that forced players into every square inch of Draenor. This became the standard for the future.

No matter how much gold you harvested alone in the garrison, or how you fought Sylvanas' level - no feat equals no flight. This adds to the tedious gameplay and unnecessary time spent flying around the plane, not just using the mounts you spent countless classic wow gold on to acquire and train for their goal.

Let's be clear: this is not an article about "flight gone wrong". Flying skills while waiting for a dungeon to burst or a raid to line up are good, even fun. Azeroth is beautiful. I have many fond memories of walking along the surface of the Wuthering Canals, watching the ripples behind the white lioness as the sun plunged beneath the city walls.

No, that doesn't make it any easier. If I'm going to fly, I just want to go home. A person can make the same argument against a thug sneaking into the same content over and over again.

No, this does not increase toxicity or antisocial behaviour. Even on the field, players can only unite to defeat Rarity and escape. Dissatisfied with automatic content search if necessary.

Finally: no, it doesn't make anyone less informed about the world. How can I enjoy the atmosphere if I try to fly my cartoon over it with a dwarf cloud?

The real reason I eat beef is that it even takes 3 hours to do so. I doubt very much that Blizzard is doing this to help us "really" immerse ourselves in Azeroth. I'm as addicted to playing as a dead werewolf rider on a toothless bird of prey as I am to running through Shadowglen on a saber-toothed tiger. It seems they only did it because it took us an extra week to get to the Ardenweald raid.

By the time Pathfinder's latest feat passes, I feel like I have more wings than when I won 1,000 gold medals in Wrath of the Lich King. I just feel like I've spent an extra $15 so that a company can boast about the average length of time they've been in business per account. This whole ordeal was a chore for me - why should I have to pay someone to do the chores?

Theft is compounded by the new limitations. Blizzard is simply artificially forcing players to spend more time (and money) in World of Warcraft by limiting the speed at which we can move from point A to point B. Why do they have to wait so long to let it fly in Shadowlands?

Just provide us with the "Heavy Birthday Costume Flying" training and get a lot of gold and let us fly in peace.

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