What are the advantages of shiny pokemon?

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What are the advantages of shiny pokemon?

Messagepar Candy » 13 avr. 2021, 10:27

The shiny pokemon do not have any advantages in attributes. It's just that the shiny pokemon are rare and can be used for collection.

There is not much difference between shiny pokemon and ordinary pokemon, and the probability of appearance is very low. But when the shiny pokemon participate in the beauty contest, the appearance points can be extra points.

If you are a "face value control", it is strongly recommended that you can Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon. Of course, it is worth showing off to have a shiny pokemon. After all, it is said that the random probability is one in tens of thousands. Of course, it is possible to catch a few in a short time. In short, this is a work that requires patience and perseverance.

Besides, the color of the shiny pokemon is different, and there will be a bright light flashing after it comes out. In the gem version, the beauty contest shiny pokemon can get one more point. The abilities of the Shiny Pokemon are the same as ordinary elves, except for the above differences.
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