Recommend an inexpensive cleaning company.

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Recommend an inexpensive cleaning company.

Messagepar Trexxert » 26 avr. 2021, 17:59

After winter, you need to put the yard in order, or rather, clean the tiles, parking space and gazebo. We need a responsible cleaning company.

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Re: Recommend an inexpensive cleaning company.

Messagepar Useusen » 28 avr. 2021, 13:42

I know a good company, I just used their services last week, so I can safely recommend it to you. Window Washing Pro website is a master of their craft. They arrive strictly at the agreed time, they know in advance how many hours they will cope with and do all the work with high quality, conscientiously. Nothing is required of you, they have all the special equipment. So don't worry about that. I remember once calling another cleaning company. The guys arrived with two rags and some kind of incomprehensible detergent. In general, they thought that I would provide them with all the means. As a result, I refused their services. Strange, but it also happens))

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