V: 500 CIB Game Boy Games! Loads of Rares etc.

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V: 500 CIB Game Boy Games! Loads of Rares etc.

Messagepar JBH » 19 août 2015, 19:46

Hey fellow GG-members,

Myself and a good friend are going to buy an apartment here in Sweden, so to finance this purchase i'm selling any- and everything from my collection until i've saved up enough money that i feel is necessary.

Every game is EU-version (European). Except for: Dick Tracy and Skate or Die: Tour de Trash(USA. Mint).

Every game is complete (CIB). Most games are in very good - to mint condition.
Some brand new games. Like Bamse, Nemesis II: Return of the Hero and Hammerin' Harry!

Many very rare games here. Some examples:
Dick Tracy (USA), Agro Soar (AUS), Legend of the River King (AUS), Hammerin' Harry (FRG), Bamse (SCN), Baby T-rex (NOE), Tom & Jerry 2: The Film (SCN), Tail Gator (NOE), StarHawk (UKV), Cool World (ESP), Robocop 2 (ESP) etc...


SOLD GAMES (19/8 - Updated):

Amazing Tater
Spud's Adventure
Trip World
Toxic Crusaders
Atomic Punk
Mega Man V

Let me know if you are interested in any games. I will gladly provide detailed info on region codes, condition etc.


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Re: V: 500 CIB Game Boy Games! Loads of Rares etc.

Messagepar Shining Force IV » 19 août 2015, 22:51

Hi Jonatan !

I'm sorry you have to sell your beautiful GB collection.
I just received your message, I'm going to answer you ;)

See you

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